• Performance Training

    Performance Training

    Full Circle Farm offers both onsite and offsite instruction and coaching to help prepare riders for the next show or competivie goal.   Read More
  • Full Circle Farm Skyview

    Full Circle Farm Skyview

    A grand look from the sky upon our open fields and outdoor jumping course. Read More
  • Personalized Training

    Personalized Training

    Individualized training and programs developed to help riders achieve their personal goals. Read More
  • Working To Win

    Working To Win

    Full Circle Farm offers a scholarship program for students to work toward and achieve their equestrian goals. Read More
  • About Judy Klus

    About Judy Klus

    Judy Klus is a USEA certified Level III Instructor with over 35 years in the business of sport, science and the art of teaching and training horses and riders. Read More
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Judy has the remarkable ability to size up both horse and rider in a few moments of observation and place into their "toolbox" those instruments they most need for success. She doesn't overwhelm me with complex sets of instructions, but simply builds on my existing set of skills until I look back on the course I just rode and say, "Wow, did I really just ride that?"

Judy recognizes that there are many styles of learning: some of us are visual, others are analytical - and to each she conveys with striking clarity a concept of riding in each lesson that stays with the rider.

Ten year old pony clubbers, competitive upper level Eventers and fifty-something late bloomers like myself all leave Full Circle with big smiles on our faces.

Roger McKimmy, Eugene, Oregon

Judy Klus Qualifications

Judy Klus has over 35 years in the business, sport, science and art of teaching and training horses and riders for Eventing and Dressage. Judy Klus is a USEA certified Level III Instructor with a richly diverse educational and competitive background facilitating a training and a teaching approach that is extremely beneficial to all levels of the equestrian students and competitors.

Judy Klus Bio

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Horses For Sale

Full Circle Farm provides performance horses specifically bred toward producing equine athletes with sound bodies, hearts and minds. Attitude and ride ability are paramount in our breeding program and Judy Klus has many success stories to tell.

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Training Programs

Judy Klus provides individually custom holistic training programs designed to maximize the horse and rider’s performance relationship.

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Klus Eventing

  • About Judy Klus +

    Judy Klus - Philosophy Judy Klus is a USEA certified Level III Instructor with over 40 years in the business of Read More
  • On & Offsite Training & Events +

    Judy Klus teaches and coaches at offsite events, travels with students to USEA events, schooling shows and clinics in California, Read More
  • Training & Events Calendar +

    View Klus Eventing's Calendar and scope out your training plan now! Read More
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Full Circle Farm Livestock

  • Livestock Sales +

    Full Circle Farm offers a limited number of cattle for sale each year. Read More
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