• The Water Complex

    The Water Complex

    The Water Complex offers opportunities for schooling from introductory to advanced level challenges.   Read More
  • Cross Country Course

    Cross Country Course

    Outdoor Derby style large grass schooling area complete with banks, ditches and solid cross country obstacles.   Read More
  • Event Setting

    Event Setting

    Full Circle Farm hosts many special group clinics including USPC groups, competition clinics as well as individual instruction in all 3 phases of Eventing.   Read More
  • Legacy Meats

    Legacy Meats

    Offers custom butchering of cattle, hogs, lamb and wild game. Legacy Meats also offers custom curing, smoking and sausaging.   Read More
  • Covered Arena Facility

    Covered Arena Facility

    On Full Circle Farm Judy Klus trains in this 80 by 200 foot covered arena with mirrors enabling riders to see all angles.   Read More
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Training Program Facilities

Event, Program and Training Setting

Full Circle Farm Arena

Full Circle Farm Arena

Full Circle Farm Pond Training Area

Full Circle Farm Pond Training Area

Full Circle Farm Barn

Full Circle Farm Barn


104 acres, 6 miles from great beach riding! 80’x 200’ covered arena, Full Circle Farm - Programs and clinics include extensive water jumps for training.large outdoor turf schooling area, complete with derby style jump schooling; with solid cross country fences, ditches, banks and a water complex. We also have 16 box stalls, some that we convert to foaling stalls when needed.

Gold Beach is on the southern coast of Oregon, 54 miles north of Crescent City, CA. Gold Beach is located at the mouth of the Rogue River; a great recreation area! There are six rivers to fish within 45 minutes, two world-class golf courses within an hour’s drive and a local 9-hole community course down the street. Jerry’s Rogue River Jet Boats run May through October and are great fun for all in the family! And of course there are the great beaches to explore and enjoy; some of the most scenic on the West Coast. (Being raised on the Big Sur Coast, I am rather an expert on scenic coastlines.)

Breeding Facilities

Full Circle Farm's small select program uses performance-based mares and select stallions in our AI breeding program. See our gallery for our success stories! Youngsters are handled from day one with love and care and grow strong in our Oregon coast green pastures. Breeding, foaling and mare care is also available for outside customers. Contact Judy for more information and rates.

Service Facilities

Full Circle Farm Legacy Meats Cattle

Legacy Meats Cattle

Full Circle Farm Legacy Meats Processing Station.

Butcher Station

Legacy Meats Locker

Legacy Meats Locker


Meat Processing and Packaging

Full Circle Farm's Legacy Meats offers custom processing of locally raised animals. Whether you purchase an animal from our select stock or from another local source, our full service butcher shop will process your animal on an individual basis the way you want it.Full Circle Farm - Legacy Meats smoking locker. Full Circle Farm Legacy Meats processes your custom order in a certified sanitary facility set up to cut, grind, wrap and package locally raised animal meats including cow, lamb, pig, chicken, turkey, and rabbit as well as, wild game animal meats including bear, deer, elk, and pheasant. Whether you desire a whole hog for a Bar BQ, a special custom made order of linked sausage, special curing or smoking, we do it all onsite. Contact us for custom processing forms and rates.

Humane Onsite Slaughter

Animals locally raised are brought in, settled and fed. Farm animals are never stressed as can happen in larger commercial processing plants.

Student Testimonials

  • The Scholarship Program +

    Without Judy Klus' Scholarship Program I could not have fulfilled my dream of furthering my riding career. The scholarship program Read More
  • Remarkable Ability +

    Judy has the remarkable ability to size up both horse and rider in a few moments of observation and place Read More
  • A High Recommendation +

    This is the 4th whole beef I have purchased and custom butchered by Full Circle Farm Legacy Meats. Never before Read More
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