Full Circle Farm Services

Student Horse Boarding

Full Circle Farm (FCF) offers daily or long term boarding for student’s horses. All horses are turned out daily in Full Circle Farm’s wonderful green pastures that offer horses peaceful grazing and mental restoration for the body and soul.

Training and Individualized Instruction

Judy Klus provides individually designed holistic training programs designed to maximize the horse and rider’s performance relationship.

Whether you are an ambitious competitor, a USPC Pony Clubber looking to move up the performance levels, a student of your horse and/or looking to better understand the horse and rider relationship, Judy Klus has the instructional knowledge and proven success combined with professional competition experience to offer you an individualized program tailored to reach your goals. Small group training sessions and clinics can be arranged offsite or onsite. To discuss a training date, contact Judy Klus at Full Circle Farm.

Come and take a break from your high-pressure performance world. Get back in tune with yourself and your horse. Maximize your learning in the calm quiet and healing environment of the southern Oregon coast. Recreation, vacation and lodging opportunities abound here for your whole family as well. Check out Gold Beach and see local sights and activities available in our area.

Body, Mind & Soul Therapy

Full Circle Farm not only offers Judy Klus’s personal instruction but also offers a connection to the local network of holistic horse care professionals whose services include:

  • Veterinary Diagnostics
  • Nutritional Feed Consulting
  • Performance Shoeing
  • Corrective Shoeing
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Infrared Evaluation
  • Advanced Dentistry

Judy Klus not only offers holistic horse care options but also provides holistic support for riders’ available locally to benefit total body, mind and soul.

Including the following:

  • Instructional Videos
  • Reading Material
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture Therapy

Horse Sales

Full Circle Farm - Horse For Sale


Full Circle Farm - Horse For Sale


Full Circle Farm - Invalane (for sale) heading to class



Early childhood training, horses that is!Judy Klus is a big believer in early childhood education.Judy Klus also keeps a list of other resources to help you find your next equine partner, contact Judy Klus at Full Circle Farm for more information on horses for sale.

Contact Judy Klus for help finding the perfect horse for your skill level or to campaign a horse for sale and add pictures and information to this site.

Legacy Meats: Farm Animal Breeding & Sales

Full Circle Farm Legacy Meats Cattle

Legacy Meats Cattle

Legacy Meats offer for sale a limited number of cows that are raised on Full Circle Farm each year. Due to limited availability, reservations and deposits are required.


Call for pricing.

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Student Testimonials

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    Without Judy Klus' Scholarship Program I could not have fulfilled my dream of furthering my riding career. The scholarship program Read More
  • Remarkable Ability +

    Judy has the remarkable ability to size up both horse and rider in a few moments of observation and place Read More
  • A High Recommendation +

    This is the 4th whole beef I have purchased and custom butchered by Full Circle Farm Legacy Meats. Never before Read More
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Judy Klus Qualifications

Judy Klus has over 35 years in the business, sport, science and art of teaching and training horses and riders for Eventing and Dressage. Judy Klus is a USEA certified Level III Instructor with a richly diverse educational and competitive background facilitating a training and a teaching approach that is extremely beneficial to all levels of the equestrian students and competitors.

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Events Calendar

Judy Klus has many clinics and events so check out the event calendar and participate!

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